America’s One and Only City Council Run by Libertarians 2016 – But not all the Way

Elected officials in Crystal are technically nonpartisan, but like a lot of suburbs in the Twin Cities area, Crystal historically was run by politicians associated with the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Mayor Jim Adams and Councilman Casey Peak, both Libertarians, were first elected four years ago. Two years ago, they put together a council majority of Libertarians and people Adams describes as “liberty-minded.”

They’ve pursued some of the ideas you would expect, running a task force that’s been going through and questioning almost every law on the books. An ordinance requiring bomb shelters, for example, has been eliminated, and the pool table at the community center is now legal. A lot of the changes have strengthened property rights, whether it’s eliminating point-of-sale inspections or taking care of smaller matters, such as lifting a ban on keeping chickens in yards. “We’re not doing a lot of fundamental changes in terms of wiping out stuff and changing how things operate,” Adams says. “We’re getting rid of obsolete stuff.”

Source: America’s One and Only City Council Run by Libertarians