Arizona a Great Leader in Deregulation 2017

Some cool reforms are happening in Arizona. From the look of it, Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, is actually doing something about the regulatory overload that has plagued his state, like so many others, for decades. His first action in office, for instance, was to issue a moratorium on all new regulatory rulemaking by state agencies. He then sent a very strong signal that Arizona was open for business and that regulation won’t continue getting in the way of creating jobs and economic growth.

His next step was to tackle anti-competitive and anti-consumer licensing laws. It’s a tall task: A 2012 study by the Institute for Justice ranked Arizona as one of the five most burdensome states for professional licensing requirements. As a starting point, he tried to get rid of licensing requirements for “landscape architects, geologists, assayers, driving school instructors, fruit packers and yoga instructors.” When that’s done, he will move to other occupations, as he signaled in his 2017 State of the State address.

Next, he went on to freeing the craft beer industry and the sharing economy, which explains why both are now booming in Arizona.

Finally, recently he started a program called RedTape.AZ.Gov, designed to ask for input from the public and the communities directly affected by harmful and outdated regulations. In particular, he’s interested in getting rid of regulations scattered all over the Arizona code of regulation that are obsolete, but still in existence “just because they’re on the books and nobody’s bothered to change them.”

More at Source: Congress should follow Arizona’s lead on deregulation | Washington Examiner

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