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No on 204

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No on 458

General and Special Election – November 7, 2017


NO on Proposition 202 Authorizes an increase of .1% in Sales Taxes

The Zoo is not in a financial crisis or emergency,
• The City does not need more taxes.
• Voters may be confused because there are two propositions to pass this one initiative.
• People buy tickets to go to the Zoo and make donations to the Zoo. The Zoo is planning to
raise $15 million in donations, in addition to the tax for capital improvements

As a student at The University of Arizona, who now lives and plans to stay in Tucson, I do not think increasing the city sales tax, yet
again, will be at all attractive to people who live here or people that potentially would consider living in our city. If our zoo needs help
to fund projects and expand, we as a community can rally together to support it, just as many other communities with zoos have
done across our nation, but not through another sales tax.
Responsible spending in city government is a priority and if our leaders would practice this, we would not need to increase our
sales tax so often. The Reid Park Zoo is not necessarily in any kind of financial crisis or emergency and that is why I believe, we as
Tucsonans, should take a pass on this proposal and vote no. Instead, let’s support our zoo by visiting more often with our family
and friends, becoming a member, like I did, or make a reoccurring donation to help our zoo accomplish all that it can be for Tucson.

NO on Proposition 203 Authorizes an Increase of .1% in Sales Taxes

The Zoo is not in a financial crisis or emergency
• The City does not need more taxes.
• Voters may be confused because there are two propositions to pass this one initiative.
• People buy tickets to go to the Zoo and make donations to the Zoo. The Zoo is planning to
raise $15 million in donations, in addition to the tax for capital improvements

NO on Proposition 204 Authorizes an increase of .5% in Sales Taxes

Sales tax is regressive and puts the highest burden on those it is designed to help.
• There is no sunset date in the ballot initiative.
• All of the decisions regarding the initiative are made by the Commission, which includes no
more than two early childhood educators and as few as two early childhood experts.
Members of the business community on the Commission could have conflicts of interest.
Luke Knipe, former City Council member and Democratic political operative in Not All
Tucson Education Advocates Support Proposed Sales Tax for Preschool Scholarship,
Arizona Daily Star, 9/23/2017.
• The non-profit that administers the fund will not be subject to open records laws that
government entities are subject to, making it difficult for the public to evaluate the return on
• Program would only be for students in Tucson, but some students live in school districts
including areas both inside and outside of Tucson. For example, 30% of Sunnyside
students live outside of Tucson and would not be eligible for the scholarships. This sets up
inequities in certain school districts.
• Some school districts have bonds and overrides on the ballot that may be at risk with the tax
increase for pre-school also on the ballot at the same time.

For years, studies have shown Tucson suffers a poorly educated workforce. In addition to being badly written, Proposition 204
misguidedly aims to fix this problem by using additional tax dollars raised through a new half cent sales tax to be specifically
applied to “high-quality early-childhood education” for children not yet eligible for kindergarten.
To implement such a program, a special Commission would be created, not a School District. The Arizona Constitution provides
that School Districts shall educate students living in their jurisdiction. Those Districts governing boards create programs for
students and distribute the funds for these programs, which are collected from school taxes included in property taxes.
The City of Tucson is tasked with providing for public safety, public health and parks. Nowhere in the City Charter is there direction
to or empowerment of Tucson to educate pre kindergarten age children, nor to collect money to pay for such programs. It has not
been, nor should it become, the business of the City to decide which preschool or family shall receive funding, especially through
a citywide commission appointed by the City Council. Such power is currently vested in elected School Boards. An appointed
Commission would be rife with the opportunity for corruption and prejudice. Once again, a government solution is being sought to
remedy a perceived deficiency.
Moreover, Proposition 204 is written without a “sunset” clause. The half cent increase in City sales taxes would continue in
perpetuity. This alone is reason to reject Prop 204.

NO on Proposition 406 Authorize an increase of 65% in the salaries for the City Mayor and for the City Council Members.

There are other benefits that City Council Members get, like a pension after serving for five
years and a city vehicle that should be factored into their compensation.
• Facebook comments indicate that some members of the public believe pay raises should
not be forthcoming, based upon performance and financial conditions in the City. Further,
elected officials knew the salary when they ran and knew this was a part-time job.
• Raises for City Employees for this year have not been decided. $2.6 million has been set
aside for distribution to certain employees for a one-time distribution. Last year 4,000
employees got a $1,000 bonus, which was not considered a raise. Due to financial
constraints, City Manager Michael Ortega is opting to wait three months before deciding
whether to spend $2.6 million that has been set aside this year for a “one-time” distribution
to select employees. This suggests that the City is not in a position to afford even more pay

Flowing Wells School District No. 8

NO on Proposition 455 Authorizes the Issue of $23,990,000 in school improvement bonds.

Marana Unified School District No. 6

NO on Proposition 456 Authorizes a Budget Override

Sunnyside Unified School District No. 12

NO on Proposition 457 Authorizes a Budget Increase

Tucson Unified School District No.1

NO on Proposition 458 Authorizes the issue of $180,000,000 in school bonds to fund capital improvement.

Drexel Heights Fire District

NO on Proposition 459 Authorizes the Issue of $8,000,000 general obligation bonds.

Picture Rocks Fire District

NO on Proposition 460 Authorizes a Budget Override.

Avra Valley Fire District

NO on Proposition 461 Authorizes Levy Limit Override

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