Did Facebook Help Elect Trump? One can See it that Way

Zuckerberg focused instead on a different capability of his network: “The power of Facebook is that you control what you see by who you choose to connect with,” he wrote in a comment on his post. But that isn’t really true at all. While you do control your connections, it’s Facebook that controls what you see. There are far too many possible updates for Facebook to show you all of them, so it doesn’t even try. If you’re interested in seeing how it selects the roughly 20% of what you do see from what you might see, this primer from TechCrunch is outstanding. One critical factor in a post getting to you? How often people interact with it.This gives a tremendous advantage to popular news items, whether or not they’re true. Those will spread farther and wider than nearly anything besides a truly viral video. A key reason why news gets ranked highly is that recency also matters on Facebook. If you check in often — and with Facebook, most of us do — the algorithms give a boost to new content. While it’s a less influential factor, Facebook also considers multiple people sharing the same information as one of its criteria. That again favors news.

Source: Did Facebook Help Elect Trump? It Already Could Do More Than Tweak The News

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