Kevin McCormick Announces Run For Governor of Arizona

Originally from Ohio, Kevin and his wife Jennifer fell in love with the rich beauty of Arizona and the exciting potential of the Grand Canyon State. Arizona has been home to Kevin and Jennifer for 13 years. During their time in Arizona, they started a family, raising two young talented daughters in their Scottsdale home.

As an innovator in the technology industry, the Ohio University graduate found success as an entrepreneur, developing the first food and wine pairing app, and working in the IT industry for nearly two decades. Partnering with some of the largest tech firms during the internet renaissance, Kevin understands the value of innovation and the integral role technology plays in our lives and the future of public policy in this increasingly interconnected world. Thanks to market demand and an engaged consumer, tech advances have disrupted a stagnant economy and created a generation of entrepreneurs who brought us a more connected and user friendly world.

With that expertise, Kevin developed a political philosophy that values economic liberty, individual liberty and the rule of law. He believes in the rights of individuals to live their lives free and peacefully without the intervention of excessive government on any level, to encourage economic freedom to innovate, transact and produce by reforming and lowering the tax burden that benefits all Americans. Finally Kevin believes a just, verdant, and thoughtful government that is limited in scope, practical in application and does not create an environment of cronyism.

Kevin is dedicated to expanding liberty, and ending the destructive government controlled by special interests that has slowed down the innovation that we all rely on. As Governor, he will work tirelessly to bring more economic and civil liberty to every Arizonan, and a brighter future for his daughters and all our children.

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