Libertarian Party Officially Against Trump Wall

The Libertarian National Committee published a statement on Friday, officially opposing the wall President Donald Trump has approved that will be constructed on the southern Mexican Border. “The Wall” has been one of Trump most controversial decisions in his first week of office.

“When we erect barriers to peaceful immigration or contemplate restricting immigration based on characteristics such as religious beliefs, we desecrate the noblest of principles this country was founded upon.” said Libertarian Party Chair, Nicholas Sarwark, “This isn’t just about immigrants and refugees. This is about who we are as Americans.”

The wall, which is expected to cost somewhere between $12 and $16 billion dollars was one of President Trump’s most recognized campaign promises. Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has said his country will not pay for it’s construction and cancelled a meeting with the President soon after the announcement was made.

“In the Libertarian Party, we stand for ‘liberty and justice for all.’ Not just American citizens.” continues Sarwark “Not just those who were born here. Not just those of a certain background. Not just those of a certain skin color. Not just those of a certain religion.”

More at Source: The Libertarian Party officially against Donald Trump Border Wall | The Orlando Political Observer

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