Libertarian Ron Paul has Finally Won an Electoral Vote

Former Libertarian presidential candidate from 1988, and former Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul has finally been rewarded with an electoral vote, and he didn’t even run.

During his time as a Republican congressman, he ran for President twice — in 08′ and 12′ — and was still unable to acquire any necessary votes to give him a chance. He failed out of both primaries, and in 2015 changed his party affiliation back to Libertarian and retired from politics. Only now that he’s not running, and out of the game did a faithless Texas elector separate from President-elect Donald Trump and cast his vote for the Libertarian favorite.

This elector wouldn’t be the only one to pull away from Trump, as another cast his vote for Ohio Governor John Kasich.




Source: After all these years, Ron Paul has finally won an electoral vote

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