Libertarians Are The New Republicans | Huffington Post

The Republican Party has abandoned its right to govern, putting party before principle, power over patriotism, and nationalism over nation, essentially becoming a cult. And today, at this very moment, the Republican Party has become a political Heaven’s Gate, led by a fanatic who has convinced his eager followers to slurp the phenobarbital-laced applesauce in one of the most stunning murder-suicides we have ever seen on reality TV. But there is no spaceship at the tail of this comet either, and by the time his minions figure that out, the Democrats will be counting the bodies in the Trump Tower bunk beds. So a good question to be asking right now is this: Is the Republican Party America’s history or America’s future? And who will be left in charge of answering that?

Source: Libertarians Are The New Republicans | Huffington Post

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