Minimum Wage Will Cause Robots into the Fast Food Business

There’s not a lot we could do to change the rise of the robots in the service sector. And we probably shouldn’t want to since the benefits will be widely shared. But the artificial increases in the wages for low-skilled workers (through $15 minimum wage laws) are causing the transition to occur faster than we can keep pace.

Many low-skilled workers need those types of fast food factory jobs to learn basic work skills that are transferrable to other industries. But the co-bots will soon be reducing the numbers of jobs available for them, especially those with the lowest skills.

Allowing the free market determine the price of labor won’t solve the problem. But it would allow for a smoother transition and give low-skilled workers time to adjust. While we may not be worried about the co-bots coming to take our own jobs or those of our coworkers, we should be concerned enough about the poor and unskilled to buy them some time by letting the market set their wages.

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