Prop 205 Marijuana Initiative latest: NOT GOOD enough to win yet

Proposition 205 has been hit by a massive advertising blitz, which it has struggled to overcome, according to AZ HighGround. The result is that the Proposition is struggling in rural Arizona garnering only 46.4 percent of the vote. The proposition’s likely support in metropolitan areas has been suppressed as well with Maricopa County reporting 50.6% Yes and Pima County showing 51.1 percent Yes.  The issue also suffers from nearly 60 percent Republican opposition.Age appears to be one of the largest factors at play in the recreational marijuana discussion. Proposition 205 has a 20-point advantage among all age groups under 49 years old. The issue has a slight plurality in favor among voters 50-64 years of age. However, the issue is significantly opposed by voters 65+ with 69.9 percent in opposition.

Source: Prop 205 latest: New poll shows AZ stance on pot initiative – 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

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