Report on Tucson Freedom Expo 2017

Freedom Expo 2017

Scot Stewart and I went to the Freedom Expo on Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25 2017.  We were there on both days.

I think the Friday night Banquet was good and interesting.  The Key Note Speaker was Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke.  His talk emphasized his experience in campaigning for Donald Trump.

I found the Saturday Symposium to be more interesting and informative.  There were a number of good speakers and presentations.

On Saturday, I went to hear to the following speakers and their subject:

  1. Monica Gurdijian – Sustainable Liberty and Freedom in the 21st Century
  2. Sa’ad Allawi — Empires, Civilizations and the U.S.
  3. Taylor Davidson  — President or Prime Minister
  4. Dr. Jake Jacobs – The Making & Keeping of Our American Republic

The main event on Saturday was at lunch with a talk by Stephen Moore.  Stephen Moore is Economic Advisor to President Donald Trump.  He talked about his experience on the campaign with Donald Trump.  He painted an upbeat picture of the future economic conditions thanks to deregulation and potentially tax cuts.

Freedom Expo was hosted by Heirs of the Republic.  You can get more information about the organization and the event at

We had a table for handing out literature, and this was very productive.  We passed out literature from Cato Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, and Future of Freedom Foundation.  We gave away all of our copies of Henry Hazlitt’s book “Economics in One Lesson.”  We also handed out a number of Frederic Bastiat’s booklet titled “The Law.”

I met a person in charge of a private Christian School who was agreeable for the LP to make a presentation.

I also met two persons who might be possible speakers to a Pima LP event.

Saul Rackauskas