As If Trump’s Budget is Libertarian

The following attack is a typical attack on Libertarian Ideas:

He wasn’t parroting the Kochs there: he was instead parroting Bernie Sanders. But he’s delivering Koch, not Sanders. He’s delivering extreme conservatism, not any sort of progressivism. And yet, this is called ‘democracy’? On healthcare — just like on some other important things — it’s not that, at all, but instead bait-and-switch: deceit.

In short, then: Every progressive promise that Trump had made on the campaign trail was abandoned by him as soon as he won the November 8th election. Donald Trump is now a solidly Republican U.S. President, and his proposed budget makes it blatant (though some Republicans — and some Democrats — will object to its astronomical deficits). Whatever progressive mask that Mr. Trump was wearing while he was campaigning for the Presidency, is now completely off, and we see the stark reality, of a far-right U.S. President, and his stunningly libertarian proposed U.S. federal budget.

Incidentally, the U.S. has by far the costliest healthcare per-capita in the world, but has the shortest life-expectancy of any major industrialized country: free-market healthcare is enormously wasteful as compared to socialized healthcare, but the profitability of healthcare firms is considerably higher in the U.S. than it is in any of its competing nations. In healthcare, education, and other social-services areas that are essential in order to have high well-being in a society, socialism is far more efficient (more cost-effective) than the free-market is.

The historical record shows that libertarianism, such as Trump pursues, increases profits and economic inequality, while it lowers a country’s GDP, instead of raising it. People who have faith in the free-market don’t want to know the data: libertarianism is a faith, just like religions are. But reality is real, and myths are myths. The reality about Republican policies is always very bad, and Trump turns out to be very Republican (though perhaps not as much so as Vice President Pence is). Whereas the Democratic Party after FDR has a bad record, the Republican Party’s record has been consistently far worse than the Democratic Party’s record, throughout at least the past hundred years. So, the libertarian Trump Presidency will be enormously wasteful. It’s massive deceit, which will produce massive waste.



More at Source: Trump’s Federal Budget Is VERY Libertarian | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization