Trump’s Win Leaves Health Insurers With Questions – WSJ

The danger for insurers would be if Mr. Trump and Republicans retained some politically popular elements of the ACA, such as the requirements that insurers sell insurance to consumers regardless of their health conditions, while dumping those less appealing to voters, such as the penalties for those who lack insurance. That could accelerate the unraveling of the health marketplaces, though the earnings impact on insurers that already have largely withdrawn would obviously be limited.Still, if Mr. Trump chooses to take a pragmatic stance, leaving parts of the ACA in place while easing some of its rules, the industry could benefit, said Chris Rigg, an analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group. “The political reality is much more nuanced than the market might initially think,” he said. Analysts point to Republicans’ traditional support for private companies’ role in government health programs, particularly Medicare, as a possible silver lining for insurers.

Source: Trump’s Win Leaves Health Insurers With Questions – WSJ

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