Voting in Pima County, Arizona

How to Vote


Don’t assume it’s the same place you typically vote, because polling places do change. You may only vote at your assigned polling place on Election Day.

Check your polling place at or call 724-4330.

Voting location per Google


Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Your driver’s license is enough if your address is current. Find a list of other acceptable forms of ID at


State law bars photography within 75 feet of polling places. But it is OK to post a photo of your early ballot on social media.



You can wear your candidate button or shirt or hat. But state law says you can’t verbally encourage voting for or against a candidate inside the 75-foot limit.


  • If you still have an early ballot at home, fill it out and drop it off at a polling place. It’s too late to mail it.
  • The ballot is double-sided, so don’t forget to vote both sides. Use a ballpoint pen, not a Sharpie marker or other pen that could bleed through the paper.
  • You can’t change your mind about your mail-in ballot. You can drop your ballot off at a polling place. If you were to request another ballot at a polling place, you’d get a provisional ballot and it would slow down the process.
  • If you’ve already mailed your ballot, you can check online to see whether your early ballot was processed. Go to
  • The Pima County Elections Department has been processing and counting mail-in ballots since Nov. 1.



Some reasons you might be offered a provisional ballot include:

  • Being at the wrong polling place.
  • Forgetting to update your address on your voter registration.
  • Forgetting to bring ID.
  • Or forgetting you already received an early ballot in the mail.

Provisional ballots are processed separately from and later than regular ballots, but could still be counted in the final vote tally and make a difference in close races.


Pima County Recorder’s office: 724-4330.

Pima County Elections department: 724-6830.

For more detailed info go to: Voting in Pima County – Pima County


If you are not currently registered to vote, or you are registered as something other than Libertarian, consider registering as a Libertarian. You may do so directly through the following website by completing the online voter registration:

To check on your voter registration, if you have your voter ID number or license number, you can go to

If you prefer, you may print and mail the registration forms available from the Arizona voter registration web site.

Registration Drive:

In order to maintain ballot status for the third largest political party in the country and continue providing an alternative to business as usual in local, state and federal politics, the State and County Libertarian parties are conducting registration drives across Arizona.

To assist with the Pima County effort, consider one of the following:

  • Donate funds to help pay for the drive
  • Donate your time to help gather registrations
  • Register Libertarian if you currently aren’t

The actual experience of voting in Pima county is described in the Pima County Website.