Why Should I Vote Libertarian

Reasons to Vote for Gary Johnson

Voting for Gary Johnson weakens both duopoly parties and sends a message that they have failed you in providing acceptable candidates. And that’s without knowing Gary Johnson, his experience, or his values.

Heres-Why-The-Polls-Dont-Show-Gary-Johnson-Averaging-15-Nationally-Yet-480x384Unlike Trump, Johnson has experience in government. Unlike Trump, he didn’t get his business started by having rich parents — he grew a one-man business into one with 1,000 employees. Unlike Trump, he doesn’t repeatedly say things that are factually wrong.

This is reason #1 to vote for Gary Johnson: to send that message that the duopoly has to earn your vote by offering better quality candidates. You won’t be sucked into their “vote against one by voting for the other” tactic. This is not a 2 horse race like the media likes to promote. Nor is it a mere coin flip decision. D or R? No, thanks. I’ll take L (for Libertarian and Liberty).

2) Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states, like the D&R’s candidates will be. No one other candidate is on the ballot in even 20 states.

3) Gary Johnson is the only one of the three top candidates (Hillary and Trump are the other two) that has executive government experience as the governor of New Mexico for 8 years. Hillary has tons of government experience, none of it executive. Trump, lots of executive experience, none in a governmental capacity.

4) Because of his experience, only Gary Johnson has worked successfully with both Democrats and Republicans to enact legislation. This experience could be useful in working with Congress.

5) Gary Johnson may be the best Libertarian candidate to run in this contest of the “most-dislikeds.” There are plenty of Libertarians that consider him less of a “pure” Libertarian, making him more of a “crossover” candidate. A moderate Libertarian, if you will.

6) People will “advise” you to not waste your vote on a candidate outside the duopoly. They say your single vote won’t make a difference. Then, they will immediately turn around and say your single vote IS important…but ONLY in breaking “a tie” between the Democrat and Republican. Your vote is important, in the aggregate. But your single vote will not change the course of a national election, one way or the other.

7) Your vote is important in another way…besides determining the officeholder. Ballot access. Because of the way the Democratic/Republican duopoly have structured access to the ballots, just BEING on the ballot with a different party name is a struggle. This is designed to prevent or at least reduce competition to the duopoly. It’s much easier to run against one opponent than two or more.

The ballot access requirements vary by state. But many states look at the number of votes cast for Libertarians as the indicator that the Libertarian Party is “worthy” to be on the ballot. In Michigan, for example, if the votes exceed an arbitrary 1% of the total cast for the highest office on the ballot, President in this November’s election, then the Libertarian Party’s candidates will be on the next ballot in 2018. If not, then the Libertarian Party will have to spend money to petition for the privilege to be on the ballot in 2018. This is an extra cost that puts the Libertarian Party and other non-duopoly parties at a disadvantage.With-50-State-Ballot-Access-Gary-Johnson-Is-The-Only-Third-Party-Option-480x384

Gary Johnson is honest and has grit.

There are no instances in his record of misdeeds. While he was governor of New Mexico (twice) he made New Mexico less corrupt by vetoing legislation that would unfairly help special interests. He is a very independent minded person. He has climbed to the highest mountain on every continent in fact. Thats grit. It says to me he won’t roll over.

I don’t think that we can call Trump or Clinton honest, but the president is someone our kids will look up to. We want our kids to be honest, so why not the President? We want them to work hard.

He describes himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

We have a major partisan divide in the country and it is stopping us from being effective in basic ways like passing annual budgets or replacing deceased supreme court judges. That’s largely due to Red on one side, Blue on the other. Gary was Red in a Blue state, and never had trouble working across the aisle.

A lot of Red folks have a problem with Trump, and all Red have a problem with Clinton. Sounds like another 4 to 8 years of unjustified hope for progress. We need the president to have no baggage. That’s Gary.

He wants to stop the wars.

While there is certainly a need for the USA around the world, it’s not clear that our military should be in so many countries. Gary wants to close bases that aren’t needed. He thinks we should help in cases of genocide, but we shouldn’t be killing leaders and setting up people in their place—”regime change”, he calls it.

Trump has indicated that we should proactively use nuclear weapons, not just in cases of defense, because they are one of our most valuable assets. Clinton supports regime change and wants to do that with Assad, for instance. Gary thinks we should focus on technology, close foreign bases, and strengthen counter-terrorism domestically.

Vote for Your Freedom

This election year is not normal so we can WIN.

We support all of your freedoms, all of the time

We are consistent and principled

Voting for Clump (Clinton Trump) says that you want to keep big government

A Libertarian vote is a clear message You will pressure (Clump) cronies into libertarian positions Clump does not want you to vote for your freedom

Policy is often influenced by identifiable voting blocs that never achieve majority status on their own.

The emergence of a large liberty vote influences candidate selection by other opposition parties. Even single-digit showings by Libertarian candidates can dramatically strengthen future Libertarian campaigns. Voting for liberty candidates affects the way the press covers future elections. Voting Libertarian says that Big Government is unacceptable – and that we demand freedom and small government.

Balance the Federal Budget

End the War on Drugs

End our role as Global Policeman

Welcome Immigrants to America

Vote for Your Future!

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