Why Should I Vote Libertarian

Both parties are the problem.

America, it is time to start voting for your beliefs and your principles. It is time to start voting your conscience instead of voting against a candidate. You are the ones who decide America’s future, not the Republican or Democratic Party.

We support all of your freedoms, all of the time

We are consistent and principled

Voting for (Republican or Democrat) says that you want to keep big government

A Libertarian vote is a clear message You will pressure (Clump) cronies into libertarian positions Clump does not want you to vote for your freedom

Policy is often influenced by identifiable voting blocs that never achieve majority status on their own.

The emergence of a large liberty vote influences candidate selection by other opposition parties. Even single-digit showings by Libertarian candidates can dramatically strengthen future Libertarian campaigns. Voting for liberty candidates affects the way the press covers future elections. Voting Libertarian says that Big Government is unacceptable – and that we demand freedom and small government.

Balance the Federal Budget

End the War on Drugs

Making drugs illegal doesn’t stop people from doing it. It simply puts people more people in jail for a victimless, non-violent crime. It diminishes the power of the people, and their right to experiment with their own consciousness.

End our role as Global Policeman

Welcome Immigrants to America

Vote for Your Future!